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Ledbetter from Music Existence writes: "The Dysnomia EP is a minor masterpiece of style and concision. There is not a single instance of Mogan biting off more than he can chew and a level of control that would sound impressive from grizzled veterans, let alone relative newcomers. It's well worth your attention."

Full review here:<wbr>blog/2021/05/22/album-review-<wbr>the-rhythm-bullies-the-<wbr>dysnomia-ep/

Radic from - Find Your Ink writes: "The Dysnomia begins with the title track, blending elements of Goth rock with potent garage rock. Riding a loose, brawny rhythm, Sebastian's voice exudes the luscious impudence of punk rock grimaces...The Dysnomia is both imaginative and decidedly original, unlike most of today's cookie-cutter music. Sebastian Mogan has a rare talent."

Full review here:<wbr>rhythm-bullies-release-the-<wbr>dysnomia-ep/

Hollister from The Indie Source writes: "The Dysnomia EP offers listeners a tantalizing glimpse of Sebastian Mogan's songwriting possibilities while illustrating his potential. The words are never ornamental; each of the four lyrics penned for this release make substantial statements and tackle their themes with intelligence and even a smattering of poetic flair. Those who enjoy this brief but powerful release, and there will be many, are sure to be looking forward to any forthcoming full-length effort. His talents are uniquely suited for long form releases."

Full review here: https://www.theindiesource.<wbr>com/c/a5a2361b-6f34-4506-b9cd-<wbr>5727cd8d9edd/


Review Fix writes: "The first full EP from the Rhythm Bullies is full of twists and turns. While the aesthetic varies form track to track, the loose nature is fun and always comes back around to pure rock. There is a lot going on in this EP, whether it be the cinematic instrumental track Escape from Dysnomia or the wild ride that is Theo, you'll never know where it'll lead up to until you listen to it all...this experimental rock EP is sure to leave an impression on you. Whether that be the moments where you rock out or trip out, it's worth a listen to find out for yourself." 

Full review here:<wbr>the-rhythm-bullies-the-<wbr>dysnomia-ep-a-trippy-<wbr>impression/

Benardello from SHOCK YA! writes: (Sebastian) "...created a remarkable collection of tracks that are driven by a blend of striking world and rock instrumentals, relatable lyrics and superb symphonic and synth vocals that tell a timely narrative that has secured his place as a music legend."

Full review here:<wbr>2021/05/18/the-rhythm-bullies-<wbr>the-dysnomia-ep-review/


Can-Do-Musos writes: "'The Rhythm Bullies' take the best parts of rock n roll and fuse them with synthesizers, world and symphonic music." 

Full review here:<wbr>profile-sebastian-mogan.php

Jensen from Divide and Conquer writes: "...this is a solid release. The artist seems to (be) experimenting but pulls off what he attempts. I look forward to his next move."

Full review here: https://www.<wbr><wbr>indie-music-album-reviews/the-<wbr>rhythm-bullies-the-dysnomia-ep


February 2021: Sebastian's interview with FV MUSIC BLOG: "An energetic and driving opening greets the listener. The lead vocals take the reins of the track and are filled with passion and emotion. We adore the full band sound; it fills the sonic spectrum with colour and intensity.

In addition, the captivating lyrics reach out and connect with the listener. We love the chorus, which is heavier than the verse, with a catchy nature that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!"

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